Kali Group Achieves MRWA Registration

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Kali Group has recently achieved full, unconditional accreditation from Main Roads WA, under the Traffic Management Registration Scheme.

The scheme aims to improve the quality and safety of traffic management on WA roads, with companies registered only after meeting strict standards for occupational health and safety, quality assurance, financial management and experience.

Kali Group founder and Director Erin Studsor said it was an exciting time for the business and that this registration is an important milestone that will create many new opportunities.

“Traffic management is such a critical element of construction projects and is more than just stop slow bats, we take our responsibility to ensure the safe and efficient movement of all types of road users very seriously.”

“We look forward to continuing to support our clients on road projects and creating new employment opportunities for our team”

To view our latest job vacancies please visit our Job Board.

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